Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year Blog Hop!

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K-2 Blog Hop! 

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Lots of fun and a great way to meet new TPT Sellers!

Oh, and have a wonderfully happy and content New Year!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We Joined A Christmas Card Exchange!

When my energetic co-worker, shown below wearing  her Turkey Hat!...
 told me about a Christmas Card exchange I wanted to say nope... not with all that we have going on. I went ahead and signed up and hoped I would be able to keep up!
First I signed up using this link:
The whole thing was so organized and I was very impressed!
The theme was Christmas Lights so I made up a card that would fit nicely in our school envelopes. I colored in the tree and reindeer... yes 30 cards! My students colored in the lights and details. I let them use new glitter crayons and they were thrilled!
I made the cards 3 up on one sheet of cardstock. I let them color until they were too tired! They would shake their hands and say I just can't color anymore!

This really didn't take as long as I thought it would and my students had fun!

I sent out 30 cards and we received 29 back... from all over the US and Canada! I waited until the last day of school to open our cards and talk about each of the states. We also graphed the states to see which state sent the most cards.

We don't have a Smartboard, but I can still use the software so I pulled up a map and we made a tally mark on each state as we opened the cards.

Each student opened a card and we read where the card came from and basic info that we all included with our cards. (there was a template to print out)

My TA is holding up a card that had a picture of each student on the letter. Very pretty. We received some very nice cards.

We displayed the cards on our door! My students loved doing this project! I am signing up for sure next year. The hardest part was figuring out how to take the excel file and make labels up! I was pretty proud of myself when I did this!

Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope each of our students has a safe and loved filled holiday!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dodecahedron Frenzy!

I love group projects! Makes me feel so good to see my students all working together and having fun!
The Dodecahedrons are so fun and do not require writing a ton of copy or coloring for hours. My Kinders love them!

My Kinders are learning to color while they are learning CVC words. I think they are doing a better job than at the beginning of the year. They enjoy making the dodecahedrons.
My kinders pick which family they want to make. They trace the words first, since the pictures might be hard for some to figure out. (Like wed.) Then they color and write the word on the dodecahedron circle. When they cut them out, they place them on my desk for me to put together. They watch me, but it is really hard for me class to put the tabs exactly right.

If you would like to make some with your students, I have this for sale on my Teacher Pay Teacher store along with the Dodecahedron for Digraphs! 
Click on this link or the pictures below to check them out.

Hope those links work for you. I am still learning this blogging business, but it is fun! 
They are really pretty just like this, but look nice hanging from my window. I'll take a picture of my window this week and post it! Hope you are all ready for this coming week! Most of us will be out of school for our Winter Break. We are out Friday at 12:45 and then will meet in our Media center for a Staff lunch! Can't wait. Thanks for visiting! Pam