Sunday, July 21, 2013

Enjoying Summer Break!

It has been a month since I've posted on my blog! A lot has happened, but mostly this:

Ocean Isle Beach, NC
My hubby and I walk on the beach almost every morning or night. Then we sit and just watch the waves. Very therapeutic!  I can plan a whole week's lesson while sitting and watching the sea. Or I just think about nothing and just relax.

I've also been doing a tad of knitting. This is a little vest for a friend of mine who just had a baby boy, Charlie! I love his name. The pattern is Cabled Vest and is really so easy.

My deck is probably my favorite place to sit. It's shaded by a big ole Oak Tree. I love it. I can sit there, under the tree, any time of the day and there is always a cool breeze!

I've also been thinking about my sweet students. This is a gift one of them brought to me a few days after school let out. My last year's fourth graders do not know that I will not be their teacher next year. I just found out myself a few days ago. I will miss them so much, but this is a change I asked for. I'm going from 4th and 5th grade AIG to KINDERGARTEN! Some people wonder about my sanity, but I know I will enjoy teaching K again. I loved AIG, but I taught Reading, Math, and Social Studies to 2 grade levels, plus I had a home room with all those responsibilities. No time for a break or even to regroup before the next group came in. I started out teaching Kindergarten and I look forward to this coming year.

So, I have been planning and thinking and reading about Common Core and early learners. Wow, things have changed since I taught K. Looking forward to visiting some K blogs to see what everyone is doing. I did put a few new items for K on TPT. Also a really nice freebie that I think everyone will like.  Here's the link: Sight Word Dictionary !

Here's some little Thumbnails of the Dictionary! Very tiny, but you can download the Dictionary for Free at my TPT store! 

Have a wonderful summer, and as always, thanks for visiting my blog!

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