Saturday, December 28, 2013

Do Something For Yourself In 2014!

Only a teacher will understand how much I have loved having my Erin Condren Teacher Planner. This planner has gone with me to every meeting and back and forth from home to school. Everything is in here! I thought long and hard about ordering one because they are higher than what I normally pay for a planner. I am so glad I went ahead and bought one.
This is how the box arrives.

Pretty nifty! It takes about 2 weeks to ship because every page is customized for you! I ordered owls, because my room theme is Forest Friends.

When I opened the box (yes I had my camera ready!) this is the sweet chocolate packaging! So special!

I loved the details in the packaging. I knew if she paid this much attention to the packaging, then the inside was going to be amazing!

My Planner! I could have put my grade level, but at the time I ordered this I thought I might be teaching AIG 4th and 5th grade again. You can put anything you want where I have my school name.

The inside is so beautiful. Very well made! The spirals are really strong. You have so many color options and designs to choose from.
I transferred all my passwords and usernames for my school resources. I also wrote in all the great websites and blogs that I can refer to and share in meetings. I am still writing in blogs and urls for Kindergarten!

This is the inside calendar. Of course mine is ALL filled up now. I write in everything! I know that I will be glad when next year rolls around. This year, with a new grade level, I am always doing things at the moment, next year with all my notes I can get ready well ahead of time.

This is a great pocket. I have all of my staff meeting notes and handouts in this pocket. I haven't gone to that many PDPs but the handouts and info are in this pocket also. It is very sturdy and had kept everything together.

This is a great little vinyl envelope to keep "stuff" in. I have used the free labels and all Erin sent with my order, but I have other items in here that I know I'll need during grade level meetings.

My planner is full! I take notes and as my new co-teaching friend and I plan, I jot down what we have talked about for each week, month, or holiday. This really helps me plan ahead for lessons and notes to parents and all. I feel lost without it now!

One thing I also do is write down when I upload a Teachers Pay Teachers product! I sometimes forget when I uploaded a product and this is so helpful when I am planning my next product.

If you are wondering whether or not to invest in an Erin Condren product, I highly recommend this!

I also have some new products in my TPT store. Don't forget the TPT Holiday Tips and Freebies ebook and my free submission! It's for Pre-K- 1st grade mostly.

Happy Holidays everyone and as always, thanks for visiting! Pam


  1. Pam,
    I absolutely adore your blog. It is so bright and cheerful! I love your planner. I may have to look into investing in one. I found you on the TPT forum. I am following you and looking forward to sharing ideas.


  2. Sherry thank you so much for visiting my blog! I do love my planner. It looks a little worn now that I have used it for half a year. It was an investment for me but well worth it. Are you doing the Daily 5 with your Ks? I just started.... yesterday!
    I am going to hop on over to your blog to pay you a visit!

  3. My planner is an Erin Condren. Their teacher planners are so cute! I love the design you picked!

  4. Samantha, I saw your blog post about your planner and wondered if it was an Erin Condren planner. I also just love her planners. There is room for everything. I always have it with me at meetings because everything I need is in there! Pam