Saturday, January 18, 2014

Freebie Linky and Daily 5!

I am trying something new today! I love to share what I make with other teachers, so I am putting up a pdf file of one of the pages from my Winter Math & ELA packet. I am also linking up again with Nancy at Teaching With Nancy!

My best teacher friend in the whole world, Jodie at Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice uses this freebie (at the bottom part of this post) with her Daily 5. She is way ahead of me on Daily 5 since I just started in January!

I know, I know, not exactly a Pinterest worthy anchor chart.... but it worked with my students. We are up to 13 minutes... and they know what the word STAMINA means. That really impressed my Curriculum Specialist. Here are some of my adorable, sweet, lovable students reading silently! and in one place!

They are so sweet reading! They either brought  in a stuffed animal to read with or they are using one of the classroom pets! I am so proud of them.

This is how I have always made my Browsing Bags. This is from the "olden days" as my students say, but it still works. These bags are not the bigger lunch bags and they do not hold the larger sized books. I might make these again next month. We have had these bags the entire year.  They really last if made right.

Oh, I almost forgot the freebie. This is a page from my Winter ELA & Math Printables Pack. 100 pages of really good stuff!

This is in my Google Docs. Hopefully the link works. Please let me know if it doesn't and I will email it to you

Here is how my dear teaching buddy, Jodie at Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice uses this with her Daily 5 as word work.

Students keep their work in a journal. I like the way she has each page glued to an envelope and the student pages inside!

As usual, thanks for visiting! Pam


  1. I love your Daily 5 Poster!!! I also love the picture of your students it really shows how they are building their stamina! Make sure you show your students that you posted them on your blog and brag on them, they will feel so proud of themselves and it is a great visual that they see thats the right way to build their stamina :)! Also I love using your Read it, Trace it, Build it activity! Thanks for the freebie!!!

    Visit me at Sugar~Spice & Everything Nice!

    1. Thanks so much Jodie! My poster is ... okay....! I'll get some Daily 5 things up soon. But the good thing is that we are really working hard on Reading To Self! Thanks for all your help with this. 13 minutes! I am proud of them. Next week we are finishing up your Arctic Animals Research. I have been taking pics along the way so I should have lots to put up. They are learning so much! Pam