Sunday, February 23, 2014

Are You Stressed About Looking Good In Your Classroom?

This is just a short post about over doing things. I know some teachers are getting very stressed out lately about what looks good, what sounds good, and how they are comparing to other teachers. I think sometimes we get carried away. There is nothing wrong with getting carried away once in a while, but if it becomes burdensome.... stop it! You are still going to be a wonderful teacher and your students are still going to love you.

This is one of my sweeties on her birthday. She colored her birthday headband and chose a stuffed animal to carry around with her all day. She was thrilled, all of my students love this. It isn't fancy or hard to set up, easy peazy, and I have a happy student. I know I won't get accolades for this, but my students will always remember their special day. 

The headbands are for sale in my TPT store, but you can make your own. I printed out 20 (number of students I have) and when it is their birthday, I just take an already stapled together headband out. It is easy to take out, make them feel special, take a picture, give a hug, and then I go on with my Common Core teaching day. 

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