Sunday, September 20, 2015

Letterland! Letterland! There is no better land!

My students love Letterland! I'll post more activities later this week!

You know you hear a song and it plays over and over in your head? Well, that is how the theme song to Letterland is with me and my students. We hum it all the time!

When we first started with Letterland last year I have to say I had some issues with the program! First, the accents were all British and I had to teach little Ks the letter sounds in English! AND nine of my students were ELLs! 

I started using it and really got into the program and now I love it!  The characters are cute! They call the characters, Letterlanders! They live in another land of letters, sounds complicated if you are new to the program, but as you get into the program you can see it does work! Students learn the sounds and letters!

We had a Letterland Parade on the 31st. Students had a month to get their costumes ready. Red Robot on the left hand side was the cutest little guy! They all had fun and parents walked along with us as we went in every classroom in the school.

The only thing I can that I wish Letterland would change, would be the activities and 'center' work that they have available.
I made some up with just Annie Apple and Clever cat.  I'll try and upload them here, but will put them in my  TPT store as a free download.
Students cut out the pictures and sort them under the /a/ or /c/ sound.
The clip art all came from DJ Inkers and Whimsey Clips.

I wanted my students to identify the beginning sounds of /a/ and /c/ words. Of course, learning to write the letters correctly helps! The clip art all came from DJ Inkers and Whimsey Clips.

I made double copies of the picture cards that are in Annie Apple's center. My Kinders couldn't draw as well as some of the other classes I have had, so they put the picture of /a/ words under their paper and traced. They are getting a lot better now!

I love interactive emergent readers and this is printed back to front. I hope someone who is teaching using the Letterland program can use some of these supplemental centers. I have more centers, powerpoints and all that I have made up,  so please follow my blog and I will put these up as I go. 

This link is for the Annie Apple center:

This link is for the Clever Cat Center:

Let me know if these links work. I hope this helps someone. Also, I will be putting some freebies up on my TPT store. If you want to be notified, please go to my store and click Follow. I promise I don't out a lot of emails, just when I have a new Free Item.


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  2. Thank you Jamie! I think I did all the steps! I have to look for about 6 more Blogs to nominate and then get in touch with everyone! It takes me forever!
    Thanks and I really like your blog!

  3. I love the letterland activities! Do you have them for all the letters?

    1. Thank you so much for visiting Stephanie. I do have more activities for all the Letterland letters. I am using the beginning of the year activities now and will post those! Thanks for your interest! Pam

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  5. Do you have any other Letterland Resrouces? Worksheets to complete in small group?

  6. Please please make more of this! We need more activities like this to accompany letter land. If you put it in your store, I would definitely buy it!

  7. Can u tell me where I can by these for all the letters? I can’t find them in ur store.