Sunday, May 7, 2017

Loving The Photo Boxes for Math Centers!

Many of the craft stores are selling photo boxes. Some are clear, others have different colored bins. I ordered a set and started to put pictures but then decided to make centers for my Kinders. Colored coded - easy to pack away - exactly what my group of Kinders needed.

They come on sale every once in a while. I think mine was 19.99. I love these cases for centers. Of course I had to make something for my Kinders.

This is the way I keep mine stored. The math center is all about number sense in Kindergarten.

The cards are as closely colored coded to the photo boxes as I could get. I just open the case and students take out the boxes that they need to finish or that they haven't done yet. There are over 100 pages with 3 cards on each page. That makes around 300 colored coded math cards. I will be adding more this summer when I start thinking of my Kinders needs at the beginning of the year. 

This is an addition card. Students take the little clips (read about these on another post) Making Centers. (search for December 2013! They have lasted quite a while!) My students love those little clips! They beg me to give them centers just so they can use them. After a few years of use, you do need to add some Gorilla Glue to get them to stay on, but they are well worth the trouble!
The girls love the stars and hearts. I do have sports themed and animals themed clips also. They can choose whatever they want. I keep a lot of them!

Very easy to put everything back in place. 
I keep the clips in plastic take out boxes.

All straightened up! Read for next time!

I introduced this center one small group at a time. I wanted all my students to know how to use the recording sheets that come with the Math Center packet and how to put things back. Plus, there are some cards that might need explaining, especially the number bond cards. I tried to differentiate the cards when needed. Those boxes are labeled with green for grade level and yellow for below. 

The recording sheets are simple. The one pictured is for the number bonds and addition and subtraction cards. Kinders will get lots of practice using this set. My ELL (English Language Learners) will also get a lot of use out of this because it is all visual. They have to count. I do have a few plastic containers of those wonderful small erasers that I use for my ELL students. They can take the erasers and put over the little animal pictures they are counting to help them keep track.

In this picture my student is wearing her Dolphin Headband. We are doing Dolphin Research and next Sharks! I like for them to wear headbands. It is fun and keeps them focused on what they are researching. This is all in my Dolphin Writing and Research packet for Kindergarten. They are doing amazing writing! (because they love the subjects!)
Click on the picture to view this packet on TPT!

Thanks so much for reading my blog! If you got this far I really appreciate your patience! I do 'talk' a lot! 

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